August 12-19, 2016


Category : Events

What: Malmöfestivalen
Where: Form / Design center, Malmö
When: August 12 – 19, 2016

The first exhibition in Equals Nomads design caravan will take place at Form / Design center during Malmöfestivalen 2016. The products on display are distinguished by strong ideas, local connection and are designed / manufactured by the participating exhibitors.

Selected designers and artists: Anatomic Studios, MÚK, Petra Lilja, Glen Baghurst, Gunilla Grahn, Tove Berggren, Lena Willhammar, Kim Walltin, Petter Thörne, Nina Christensen, Minus tio, Swedish ninja, Jenny Nordberg, Sophia Lithell, Maria E Harrysson, Studio Stoft, Kajsa Willner

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