Equals nomad is a mobile showroom and an exhibition concept on wheels with the entire city as its exhibition space. The design caravan is meant to freely move around the city displaying design items from local designers.


Since many local designers and studios today have very few options from where they could sell and exhibit their work, we wanted to start a new malmöbased platform from where designers and artists in Skåne and the Oresund region could reach out to the public with their design.

With an exhibition and/or a showroom on wheels we get the possibility to roll the design caravan filled with different content into different spots that host different kinds of people; a restaurant, a hotel lobby, a library, a bank and much more. The option of what to fill the design caravan with can be adapted after space, client and taste.

We bring the design to the people and not the other way around.

The objective is to implement and realize projects that encourage collaborations between designers and other industries in the region, enabling new constellations and creating new opportunities to reach out to a wider audience locally, nationally and internationally.

Equals Nomad is designed to work as an exhibition space and/or showroom on wheels with various possible compositions to be changed and rearranged after which content is held inside it and in which space it is placed in.

The design caravan could be just as big or as small as you want it to be.

Equals Nomad is an initiative by designers for designers to reach the public. Originally founded in 2015 by Kajsa Willner and Stoft Studio it is open for any designer or artist based in the Oresund region.

The project has received initial funding from Malmö stads kulturförvaltning.


Do you want to rent the design caravan or do you have an idea about how it could be used? Feel free to contact us for any matter, we would gladly meet up for a chat and discuss any possibilities for collaborations.

Kajsa Willner – info@kajsawillner.com
Jenny Ekdahl – jenny@stoft-studio.com

Events and happenings that can be arranged in or in connection to the exhibition in the design caravan:

  • Workshops
  • Theme exhibitions
  • Design auction
  • Presentation of the concept – Kajsa Willner and Stoft Studio
  • Inspirational lecture by participating designers
  • Design as conversation piece + Mingling + DJ
  • Design + Live performance (art, dance, theatre)
  • A film where the exhibiting designers briefly talk about their work (projected on a wall or the doors of the caravan)