We Are Locals is a Malmö-based platform that aims to create better conditions for designers working in Skåne and the Öresund region.

The objective is to implement and realize projects that encourage collaborations between designers and other industries in the region, enabling new constellations and creating new opportunities to reach out to a wider audience locally, nationally and internationally.


We, like many other individual designers and studios, are struggling with the tough conditions in the industry and constantly ask ourselves how to reach out with our design to the public and how to make a living on our design. Our conclusion, after having asked designers in a similar situation, is that the first step must be to become better at collaborating. If we start to see each other more as colleagues rather than competitors and start to share experiences, contacts and knowledge we will have a better chance to reach out with what we do.

Together we are stronger!


We Are Locals is an initiative by designers for designers. Originally founded in 2015 by Kajsa Willner and Stoft Studio it is open for any designer or artist based in the Öresund region.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas for improving the situation for local designers or if you would like to get involved in any other way!

Kajsa Willner – info@kajsawillner.com
Jenny Ekdahl – jenny@stoft-studio.com



Equals nomad is a mobile showroom and an exhibition concept on wheels with the entire city as its exhibition space. The design caravan is meant to freely move around the city displaying design items from local designers.

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